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Liberian-American Dr. Lisa Cooper name Director of Urban Health Institute at John Hopkins

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Posted by @libpositives via Instagram

Johns Hopkins has appointed health equity expert Lisa Cooper director of its Urban Health Institute, where she will execute a new vision for the institute's future as a vital partner in the health of Baltimore City.

Under Cooper, a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor in the university's schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health, the 20-year-old institute will reframe its purpose to advance health and health equity in Baltimore—a timely mission given the current threat of the novel coronavirus to our city, said Provost Sunil

Cooper has devoted her career to addressing health disparities through her research and practice. Prior to taking on this role, which became effective April 15, she worked with Joshua Sharfstein, vice dean for public health practice in the Bloomberg School of Public Health; Amy Gawad, the institute's executive director; a steering committee; and others across the institution and the city to set out a new vision for the Urban Health Institute.

“I am delighted by this opportunity," Cooper said. "It is an honor to have my work addressing health disparities validated in such a significant way. My appointment to this position affirms for me the importance that we are collectively placing on the pursuit of health equity in the city of Baltimore."

Dr. Cooper was born in Liberia, to a mother who was a reference librarian, and a physician father. Read more about Dr. Cooper at

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