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First generation American born of two Liberian Immigrants to America, I am my ancestor's wildest dreams. Liberia Forward (LF) is the product of a Historically Black College & University instilling the importance of connecting with our African heritage and roots. As a graduate of Virginia State University and experienced US Army Combat War Veteran, I’ve embraced my life's purpose to unite brilliant minds with a vision of moving Liberia Forward. We see the value in Africa for Africans at home and abroad, and embrace our responsibility to be a catalyst for positive change, powered by innovative ideas & driven by the same ideas we initially founded our organization upon: support, empowerment, and progress.


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To create, nurture, and empower Liberian leaders for the 21st century.


Liberia Forward Community Center (LFCC) will be the flagship program in which we create the infrastructure to nurture the holistic development of Liberian citizens.


Our three initial tenets will empower the community to grow and sustain a prosperous and competitive Liberian economy, and create leaders for the 21st century: 

1. We have a duty to improve access to quality healthcare

2. We have a duty to create better systems for economic development through agriculture and local resources.

3. We have a duty to provide the resources to educate Liberians.


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