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Career Development & Certifications

Career advancement has an impact on Liberia and its citizens' economic and social well-being. It shapes individuals, families, and communities. Our partnership with Google to train Liberians will boost Liberia's productivity and innovation.

Send us message on WhatsApp if you're interested in Google certification program +231776232672

The "skills gap" limits economic and social development by limiting individuals' ability to find work and improve their living standards; companies' ability to improve productivity, competitiveness, and growth; and countries' ability to reach their full potential.

It takes time to develop a critical mass of skilled workers in critical industries, but it is doable by taking more practical and flexible approaches while leveraging available resources based on Liberia's unique history and capacity.

Thanks to our collaboration Grow with Google, we've been able to create an educational pipeline with scholarship opportunities, equipping Liberians with job-ready skills on a path to in-demand jobs they can put to work in less than 6-12 months.


Front & Back
End Development

Learn how to create interactive, visually pleasing websites while maintaining the site's structure, system, data, and logic.

Quadcopter Drone

Data Analytics

Data analysts collect, transform, and organize data in order to help make informed business decisions.

Fitness App

UX UI Design

UX designers make digital and physical products easier and more enjoyable to use.

Engineer with Headphones

Project Managment

Project managers ensure projects within an organization are managed and completed with maximum value.


We are so grateful you all are picking up the baton and continuing this work, and at this broad perspective. Liberia needs all of this.

Roberta Brown Cooper, President of Marylanders for Progress

Data analysts collect, transform, and organize data in order to help make informed business decisions.

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