Meet the Team

The Dreams of our Ancestors are realized as the collective children from around the Diaspora who have come together to utilize their talents, experience and networks to move Liberia Forward.


Kevin Fomengia


Kevin Fomengia is a second-generation Cameroonian-American. He graduated from the University of Maryland - College Park, triple majoring in History, Communications, and Sociology. He specializes in building automated processes and systems that meet targeted performance indicators. His experiences in managing software development teams and engaging with stakeholders put him in the position to design and execute long-term plans.  

He co-founded Pathway OZ, an Opportunity Zone management company, where he supports entrepreneurs and businesses around HBCUs communities. He also founded Bridge Labs Tech, one of Africa's leading software development agencies. He believes African developers will lead the next wave of building solutions. 

His expertise as an educator, technologist, and infrastructure advocate will help Liberia Forward create sustainable solutions. He believes through collective unity, any problem can be solved.