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Empowering women and communities with the resources needed to effectively advance the agricultural sector in Liberia.

Chili Plant


Globally, Cassava is a billion dollar industry.


Cassava is crucial not just as a food crop but also as a substantial source of revenue for people that are engaged in agriculture. When compared to other staples, cassava produces the most cash revenue for the most households as a cash crop, which helps to reduce poverty.

The communities of Arthington, Liberia, and Liberia Forward are utilizing the wealth of natural resources to change their narrative. In addition to cultivating cassava together, we also add value to it by making Gari locally. Future job prospects are being generated by this project, which is also igniting much-needed economic activity and giving new hope to the Liberian people.

Woman Farming Smiling with Ground Pea 1.heic

Ever Tasted Liberian Groundnut? It contains that fibers your body needs

Bitter Ball 1.HEIC

Our garden eggs are second to none as it provides all the required nutrients

Farmer holding Corn 1.heic

Maize sustains nations. Maize is a stable food for most African countries 

Oranges 1.heic

Taste our orange fruit and you will never have the desire for another. 

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Gift of Farming


Watermelon provides hydration and also essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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Palm nut remain one of the most eatable soup across west Africa. It's the pride of Africa.


Do you know that Collard Greens contribute ample amounts of vitamins A, K, B-6 and C, calcium, iron etc? 

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Peppers contribute modest amounts of iron but are remarkably rich in vitamin C

We are so grateful you all are picking up the baton and continuing this work, and at this broad perspective. Liberia needs all of this.

Roberta Brown Cooper, President of Marylanders for Progress

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