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Meet the Team

The Dreams of our Ancestors are realized as the collective children from around the Diaspora who have come together to utilize their talents, experience and networks to move Liberia Forward.


Chrystl Glasgow


Chrystl Glasgow is a first-generation American, born to immigrant parents of St.Vincent and the Grenadines and Liberia. After graduating from Virginia State University in 2016 with a dual degree in English and Family and Consumer Sciences, she decided to study abroad and pursue her postgraduate studies in Human Rights Law and Political Science at the University of Manchester in England. Since graduation in 2018, Chrystl has enrolled in a British law school as she aspires to actively engage in academic reformation and societal improvement on the international level. She has a passion for the well-being of children and a particular interest in getting involved in the breaking of barriers preventing girls' access to quality education. Chrystl is excited to learn and grow with Liberia Forward as she seeks to be of service to a cause much greater than herself.

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