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Moving Liberia Forward

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

As a first generation born African in America, I've been blessed to have enjoyed my childhood in America free of civil war and the devastating effects that come with it. My family often spoke of their journeys to America from Liberia and how this was meant to be a turn around trip. The idea was to come to America, educate and lay a foundation for their kids, and with the opportunity and resources acquired, return to liberia and manifest for the people as well.

At the age of 32, I'm now able to say that although most of my generation has made our parents proud, it's time for us to take the torch and return to their land and redevelop what we will one day call home.

With a vast array of skill sets and networks throughout both the Liberian American & Africans-Americans communities, we have a generation of young adults capable of returning to Africa and implementing their expertise together in efforts to mold, build, train, and strengthen the social welfare of the people and move Liberia Forward.

I look forward to connecting and growing with you all. Together we will put our ideas together and work towards a common goal of liberation and equal rights for all the citizens of Liberia.

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