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Distinguished Liberian historian Dr. C Patrick Burrowes speaks to young Liberia Changemakers!

“The youth walk faster but the elder knows the road.” - African Proverb.

On March 2, 2022, local and diasporan Liberians met in Sinkor for a lecture and discussion by distinguished Liberian historian Dr. C Patrick Burrowes, organized by Liberia Forward & Rhotel House of Innovation. This group of young creative changemakers from varied professional backgrounds was captivated by rarely revealed stories about the origins and influence of early Liberia. Dr. Burrowes highlighted taking ownership of the narrative by which Liberians identify who they are today, including topics such as the roots of numerous linguistic groups, Liberia’s participation in early continental/international trade, and the continuous impact of women recorded from society's earliest days. As an academic scholar, author, and lecturer, he used this occasion to implant a new sense of identity in participants and empower them to continue learning and writing the next chapter of Liberian history, but from the perspective of Liberians.

Liberia Forward, founded in 2020, is on a mission to revitalize local communities with transformative educational practices coupled with modernizing infrastructure development. The organization strives to put in place effective procedures to promote change by recognizing significant challenges that the country faces and using talent both locally and globally to create solutions. Farming, career development, renewable & sustainable infrastructure are the focus of their social impact projects.

RHOTEL House of Innovation creates interactive platforms for the acquisition of skills and values that solve problems while generating a higher level of livelihood and well-being for individuals and the community. As a nonprofit organization, Rhotel believes in providing an environment characterized by open collaboration, technical innovation, and support for the technological community through capacity building, mentorship, and networking opportunities that will serve as building blocks for the next generation of thinkers. Rhotel provides support and training to entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, and youth who strive to develop innovative solutions to Liberia/African problems.

Follow the links below to learn more about Dr. Burrowes, Liberia Forward, and Rhotel House of Innovation.

Dr. Burrowes -

Liberia Forward -

Rhotel House of Innovation -

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