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Meet the Team

The Dreams of our Ancestors are realized as the collective children from around the Diaspora who have come together to utilize their talents, experience and networks to move Liberia Forward.


Josh Ingram


Josh Ingram served as a Commanding Officer of multi-functioning logistical organizations within the United States Army. The majority of Mr. Ingram’s professional career has involved business/personnel management. With a natural ability to approach situations strategically and incorporate the skill sets of others to achieve common goals, he has developed the ability to be proficient during pressured situations; enhancing his facility to build a cohesive team, all while maintaining a heightened level of leadership and responsibility. As an advocate for human rights, Josh looks to use his logistical and military skills as a catalyst to systems and processes that will move Liberia Forward. He hopes to empower Liberian citizens to gain skills and resources to replicate, innovate and build their country with confidence.

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