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Liberians at home and abroad need reliable and trustworthy organizations to implement the infrastructure needed to move our communities & country forward. Our team of engineers are highly experienced & well certified to implement projects from the installation of solar lights& water wells to the building of latrines, buildings, and bridges.  

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Infrastructure Pre-Assessment Form

Infrastructure development plays a vital role in the economic development of any country. Liberia, a developing country, has been facing the problems of low development of infrastructure - as well as a low volume of gross domestic product (GDP). The sound infrastructure of a country leads to higher and stable economic growth, and the high economic growth helps to develop the infrastructure of the country. Through innovative & green ideas Liberia Forward is able to create job opportunities, help clean our cities, & present modern methods to end poverty. Our 'Village Builder' has led the way in the introduction of an alternative way to build in Liberia. Using 90% high quality soil & 10% cement Liberians can now build home that are durable, sustainable, cost effective, & environmentally friendly!

We are so grateful you all are picking up the baton and continuing this work, and at this broad perspective. Liberia needs all of this.

Roberta Brown Cooper, President of Marylanders for Progress

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