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Computer Science 

Liberia Forward has established the #1 computer science school in Liberia in collaboration with our sister organization,




The modern world of technology is moving fast so everyone needs to be tech savvy. Our program makes it possible for you to update yourself in modern tech skills and become efficient in your personal and professional duties. What we offer include; introduction to computer, fundamentals of programming, particularly Java and Python; web development, database design and management, mobile applications development and Arduino programming and simulation etc…

Building Career Pathways

Together with our partners, we're breeding the next tech leaders in Liberia. We are constantly developing Liberians skills in technology. We believe that career in tech will not only  empower Liberians but will solve basic problem in Liberia.

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A Tech Ecosystem

We want to create an ecosystem where tech experts are valued & respected in Liberia.  

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Creating Liberia Innovators

Apart from the acquisition of tech skills, breeding innovators that uses tech skills to create stuff like Mobile Apps, E-commerce platforms, APIs, Software, secured website and website themes, etc. will impact Liberia meaningfully.

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Learn Basic Coding

Our innovation and after school program enables kids to unleash their potential. No doubt, we’re now living in a digital age and Liberia children and youth need access to the digital & technological skillset in order to move mama Liberia forward.

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We are so grateful you all are picking up the baton and continuing this work, and at this broad perspective. Liberia needs all of this.

Roberta Brown Cooper, President of Marylanders for Progress

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