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Meet the Team

The Dreams of our Ancestors are realized as the collective children from around the Diaspora who have come together to utilize their talents, experience and networks to move Liberia Forward.


Aba Hamilton-Dolo

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR of Liberia Forward Community Center (LFCC)

Aba Hamilton-Dolo is a Liberian-born educator and social scientist, who studied and lives in the US. In 2010, her passion for education for disadvantaged children led her to co-found a school, Christ Foundation School, for orphans and poor children in her native Liberia. In 2019, she founded Dr. Emmanuel Dolo Center for Education and Development - a learning  center which caters to the needs of underprivileged children in rural Liberia. The center serves 80 students and focuses on academic and personal development as well as a resource center for other students in the community.

Her vision is to give rural children - especially girls - equitable access to primary education and nurture trustworthy future leaders.

Abo Dolo Anchor
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